Osteopathy is a manual medicine which focuses on the mobility of and in the body. This mobility is necessary to function properly and without complaints. The quality and possibility to recover from health problems, is directly dependent upon the mobility of the different tissues within the body. An osteopath approaches the body as a whole and any loss of mobility can cause complaints. Because all tissues are interconnected, pain may radiate to other parts of the body. An osteopath examines the body for loss of mobility and restores manually the cooperation between the tissues where necessary. Because of the interconnection of tissues, treatment sometimes focuses on an area where you are experiencing no complaints.

An osteopath works with three systems within the body that may not be viewed separately. The first system is the locomotive system: the system of bones, joints, muscles and joint capsules. The second system is the organic system: the thoracic organs like heart and lungs, and the abdominal organs like stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys etc. The third system is the craniosacral system: the ‘lining’ of the central nervous system. This system consists of the membranes around brain and spinal cord and the skull bones. All these three systems are being examined for loss of mobility.

Treatment indications

Osteopathy adresses a number of complaints and conditions, below a short list of the most common indications as seen by an osteopath:

  1. Complaints of the locomotive system: Back pain, Neck and Shoulder pain, Complaints of the limbs.
  2. Abdominal complaints: Irritable bowel syndrome, Indigestion, Remaining complaints after abdominal surgery.
  3. Complaints of the head: Headache, migraine, problems with hearing, sight, tasting or for example your voice.

If in doubt as to whether osteopathy is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact Robbert van de Veen by email or by telephone. An osteopath is no substitute for the general practitioner or specialist. If necessary the osteopath will refer you to your general practitioner. An osteopath is directly accessible, there is no need for a referral of family doctor or medical specialist.


After making an appointment for initial consultation, you will receive a conformation by email which encloses a link to a questionnaire. During the first consultation we will discuss the questionnaire en perform the examination. Both the examination and follow up treatments are performed manually. During treatment the loss of mobility will be restored as much as possible thus restoring the self healing properties of the body in those areas.
A consultation will take about an hour. The charge per consultation is €95,- and is payable in cash or (preferably) by PIN. You will receive an invoice for reimbursement from your health insurer.
Most health insurers reimburse an osteopathic consultation in whole or in part depending on the insurance company and their policy.


Robbert van de Veen is a member of the NVO (Dutch Association for Osteopathy) and the NRO (Dutch Register of Osteopathy) and as such is recognized by Dutch insurers. To contact Robbert van de Veen for information or making an appointment, you can reach him by:
Mobile number: 06 4308 4373 (best time to call is daily between 12.00 and 13.00) or
Email: info@osteopathienijkerk.nl


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